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Choosing A Mat For Your Dog

Regardless of its type, shape, or characteristics, your dog’s bedding is as important to his well-being as it is to him. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the choice of this bedding is well studied and by the needs of the dog.

The mats for dogs have several functions: it is both a place of rest and sleeps dog, his refuge, his exclusive area, and its principal place of reference. It reassures him with its scent, allows him to relax thanks to its cozy side, and gives him the comfort he so badly needs.

The choice of the mat or any other form of bedding for the dog is, therefore, to be done carefully. It must have several qualities, in addition to being comfortable and welcoming to the animal. Knowing how to install it in the best possible place is just as decisive for the well-being and the rest of the dog.

Whether it is a carpet, a cushion, or a mattress, the dog’s bed must have a certain number of qualities to be truly useful and good for him.

  • First of all, the mat must be comfortable: it must be thick enough to withstand the pressure of the animal’s body, to give it the feeling that it is well supported. The mat should be soft enough for him to feel comfortable and to help him rest. In addition, his joints mustn’t be strained by too firm and too thin a bed, especially if it is an elderly dog ​​or a large animal.
  • The mat must also be well insulated from the ground: when you sleep on the floor, the cold is communicated directly to the body, not to mention the uncomfortable situation that this brings. These sensations are the same for our dogs. The bed should therefore offer them good insulation.
  • The mat must be adapted to its size: a bed that is too small compared to the dimensions of the dog forces it to put itself in inappropriate postures, which end up wearing it out. It should be large enough to allow it to move and change position freely. At the same time, it should not be too big, because dogs prefer to feel protected from all sides. Many of them prefer sleeping places that they can sink into to feel safe.
  • The mat must also be sturdy: it must be flexible, but still resistant to the wear caused by the dog, on purpose or not. Scratches and nicks are not uncommon and can easily damage the bedding. Especially since some dogs tend to nibble on anything that falls under their paws, including their carpet.
  • The carpet must be easy to maintain: another important criterion. The dog’s bedding is called to be washed from time to time to preserve the hygiene and health of the animal, but also those around it.

Where to Install It?

The mat should be placed in a quiet place so that the dog’s rest is not disturbed. The traffic areas (hallways, stairs, doors close …) are avoided.

The place must also be protected from drafts and allow him to observe everything that is happening around him, without giving him the feeling of controlling those around him. We will therefore avoid placing it in the center of a room or height.

Also to be avoided: under a piece of furniture, because he could react badly to a turbulent child or an animal a little too provocative which would come to titillate him in his entrenchment.